How to rent out your car

Adam Hakim

Last Update 3 years ago

To start renting out your car, you will need to:

1. Register for an account on Moovby’ s app and complete your profile for verification.

2. Go to” Profile” menu and press” Switch to hosting” button to add your vehicles.

3. Upload your vehicle ownership certificate, insurance cover note and road tax

for verification.

4. Make your listing is clear by uploading great car photos.

5. Fill up your banking details so that we can disburse payment to you. Hit

“Edit Payout Information” menu in the Earning tab.

6. Your car will be verified within 24 hours. After it’ s been verified, your car will be

listed on our platform and will be available for rental.

If you have any enquiries, please give us a call or WhatsApp at + 6011 1005 5901

for further details.

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