Maintenance Policy Violation

Adam Hakim

Last Update 3 years ago

We advices all host to only advertise the car which are in good condition to be drive according to any respective country's laws. This is to ensure guest will have smooth and memorable experiences renting your vehicle. Not only that, it will prevent you from having any issues with the booked car later when guest is using them. Always maintain and take car of your assets all the time not necessarily only when receiving booking. It is your sole responsibility of the car conditions whenever it is not moving.

Should the guest report to us of the poorly condition and other interior/outerior vehicle's problem, we have the right to charge you a violation fee. If you fail to follow Moovby’s maintenance requirements for listing your vehicle or disregard laws and regulations for vehicle safety, condition, and operation in your area, we will charge you a RM100 fee plus a RM200 roadside fee if roadside assistance is dispatched.

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