Guest's Responsibilities

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For this section, we going to divide it into 2 which are pre-booking and post-booking. Kindly read below articles thoroughly to avoid any confusion or miscommunication in your trip.


1. For account verification, you are required to upload a selfie with Government ID/Identification Card/Passport image. This is needed for you to experience our service to the most especially in browsing any available cars to be rent. You are also required to upload your driving license only if you wish to rent any cars in the application. Kindly bear in mind that the personal information provided must be accurate with your ID.

2. It is the guest's responsibility to communicate professionally with the host through the message box should there be any terms or situation need to be told/asked such as is the car pet-friendly or does the guest required to pay deposit(only for commercial host).

3. Should your booking have been rejected, our team will provide replacement car for your trip. It is the guest's responsibility in providing accurate information to our team for the self-pickup/delivery and the guest's location. Delaying this process may result less chances of the guest able to rent his preferred car within his time trip. The guest have the right to refuse the suggested replacement car at any given time.

4. Guests are reminded to review your booking before making any booking request for any vehicle. The major points compulsory to be reviewed are start date, start time, end date, end time, booking price, self-pickup/host-delivery/custodian-delivery and the vehicle's location. Any mistake made at this point will severely affect your experiences using the application.


1. Guests are reminded that the host's responsibilities are only limited towards his car's condition pre-booking. Therefore as guest, kindly check the car's condition(outerior and interior) during pickup process. Snap picture should there be any issues/problem/damages of the car(including fuel gauge). Keep all the images safe as evidence should there be any dispute later on. Notify our customer service team via intercom right after you received the car. Failed to report the issue within 3 days from the start date & time, any damages found out during the return time will be considered as the guest's fault.

2. The host have the right to rent out cars with any level of fuel. It is based on return in similar condition as what you got basis. It is the guest's responsibility in paying for the fuel right after the car have been pickup until the end of the trip. Our company and the host do not hold any responsibility for this matter including but not limited to Touch N Go card/amount/toll payments.

3. After the booking status turns to completed, the guests are advice to leave a rating and reviews towards the car listing's page. This step is recommended to make sure hosts have the opportunity to keep up with the good service or improve any aspect of their service in producing great experiences for other future guests.

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