Booking Cancellation Policy

Adam Hakim

Last Update منذ ٣ أعوام

Our team takes every matter seriously when it comes to fairness and balance for both host and guest. Every party have limited responsibilities when it comes to using our services. This is to make sure no misusage/loophole of the platform are being taken advantage of especially when it comes to rental price. This is to make sure our hosts able to earn decent earnings when advertising with us.

Should you, the guest want to cancel your paid booking, kindly bear in mind that(applies for outside free period, 24 hours before start date and time):

1. If your trip is less than 2 day long, we’ll charge you 50% of the trip cost + 50% of any delivery fee.
2. If your trip is 2 days or longer, we’ll charge you one day’s average trip cost + 50% of any delivery fee. 

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