How to submit a report

Adam Hakim

Last Update vor 3 Jahren

These steps are for both host or guest to file any complaints/reports that they have from the booking status paid until completed. The complaints may vary including but not limited to:

1. Refund issues
2. Host/Guest no-show
3. Booking cancellation
4. Damages claim
5. Extend rental claim

Kindly follow these steps below to submit a ticket to our team members with clear and thorough details. 

1. Surf our Moovby support website at https://moovby.tawk.help/
2. Click the "Submit Ticket" button

3. Write your name and email address

4. Write the booking ID 

5. Write a brief summary of the situation/issue in the message box

6. Click the "Submit Request" button

We will process your complaints in 24 hours before reverting back to you with the best solution available at the moment. All cases will be assess with full justice and fairness for both guest and host. All parties are bound to give their best cooperation in resolving the issue together.

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