Outside Booking Policy Violation

Adam Hakim

Last Update 3 jaar geleden

We do not tolerate any violation of policy done from both host and guest. Every booking should be done and transacted only inside the platform eventhough the regular guest already have the contact numbers of the host from previous bookings done. Our company not only represents as peer-to-peer car sharing platform but also payment escrow service which responsible in holding the money with top security to be use should there be any dispute during or post-booking situation. 

Should the guest make payment outside of Moovby for charges meant to be handled via the platform, we will charge you a RM150 processing fee plus liquidated damages of RM5,500 as per our terms of service. 

For any bookings made outside our platform, including but not limited to rental extend situation, our company will not be responsible to any damages, theft, loss or even late payment happening in the deal. It is wholly based on 2 individuals rental agreement.

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